BCMTA Summer Music Camp Scholarship


Summer music camp scholarships are available to students of Broward County Music Teachers Association members for all instruments and voice. The Summer Music Camp Scholarship Committee may award $2,500 in scholarships in three age divisions (amounts to be determined by the scholarship committee):

Division I  – Age 6 through Grade 5

Division II – Grades 6 through 8

Division III – Grades 9 through 11

Scholarship money may not be used as a down payment to a music camp, but only as part of the final payment once the student has absolutely committed to attending. Scholarship money will be sent directly to the music camp.


Scholarships will be awarded based upon merit of the applicant’s musical accomplishments. Applicants must have studied for at least 6 months with a BCMTA teacher. Applicant must be a minimum of 6 years of age by APRIL 21st, and no older than in grade 11.

Each applicant must submit the following information to the Summer Music Camp Scholarship Committee:

  1. Completed and signed APPLICATION.
  2. A list of musical activities in which the student has participated such as:
  • Church or Synagogue
  • School band, chorus, talent show, musical
  • Retirement homes
  • Fairs
  • Community clubs and organizations
  • Youth Orchestra of Florida
  • BCMTA activities, including Student Day, Musicthon, Recitals, and Competitions

3. Documentation verifying the above musical activities such as concert programs, certificates, or signed papers by the director of the organization.

4. Student’s essay on why he/she wants to go to summer music camp.

BCMTA Revised 2022 Summer Music Camp Scholarship Requirements pdf.