BCMTA Intermediate Competition

The BCMTA Intermediate Piano Competitions are available to piano students (grades 5-8) of all BCMTA members. Awards are given accordingly:

1st Place – The Clarissa Nichol Award – $100.00

2nd Place – The Edna Horn Award – $75.00

3rd Place – The BCMTA award – $50.00

Honorable Mention (No more than 2): $50.00


Your studio must participate in Musicthon with a minimum fundraising of $200.00; otherwise, you must contribute $75.00 to each competition your students enter. Please visit the BCMTA Calendar to view the Application Deadline. Please review the information below prior to submitting the application.

BCMTA Competition Common Application CLICK HERE

Maria Gomez 
10725 NW 12th Manor
Plantation, FL 33322
(954) 881 – 3205


1.  An entry fee of $35.00 must accompany the contestant’s application. One check per teacher shall cover all contestants within that studio.

2.   Contestants must currently be studying with a BCMTA teacher and must have studied with that teacher for at least six months.

3.  A student may not submit any piece previously performed in any other BCMTA sponsored competition in current or previous years.

4.  One copy of the score of each composition with measures numbered must be available for the judges (no photocopies without prior permission).

5.   No concertos and no repeats are allowed excepting those written out with 1st and 2nd endings.

6.  Contestants will meet with the Scholarship Chairman fifteen minutes before the audition to draw for playing positions.  Any contestant not present at his/her performance time will be disqualified.

7.  The First Place winner in Intermediate A will not be eligible for future entry in the same competition and must progress to Intermediate B regardless of grade level. The First Place winner in Intermediate B must progress to the BCMTA High School Competition.

8.  The decision of the judges is final.

9. Composers classification will be determined per the MTNA composers classification list. This list can be found at http://www.mtna.orgClick on the competitions link and look for the composer classification link Rachmaninoff may be considered Romantic or 20th Century.

10. No more than 4 students may be entered from a single studio.

11. The competition will not take place unless at least five (5) students representing at least three (3) studios are entered by the competition deadline.



1. Intermediate Competition is open to piano students in school grades 5 through 8.

2. The difficulty of the program entered will be no lower than Level V as per Repertoire Guidelines in Florida State Music Teachers Association Student Activities Handbook (or Medium in FFMC District Festival).

3. A memorized 3-piece audition program shall represent three (3) stylistic periods and include one of the following:

  • Required selection:
    • A 2-part Invention or a 3-part Invention (Sinfonia) by J.S. Bach, OR
    • A Sonatina or Sonata first or last movement from the Classical period, by composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Clementi, Kuhlau, Beethoven, etc. OR
    • A Rondo by Mozart or Beethoven, OR
    • A Fantasy by Mozart.
  • Choice selections:
    • Choice pieces can include any classical repertoire, including contemporary selections from the Federation Handbook. No popular, movie, or Broadway compositions, please.

4. There will be no minimum number of minutes required. The maximum number of minutes that will be heard is 12. Students will not be penalized for exceeding 12 minutes, even if they are stopped.

5. Judges will then choose 5 finalists to play their third composition, which must not exceed 3 minutes.


BCMTA Competition Common Application CLICK HERE